Nathan Greene is Represented by:    Daniel F. Houghton

For inquiries regarding the Commissioning of new works, the purchase of existing Originals, or Stock Images; please contact Dan Houghton at: 1(800) 487-4278  or e-mail Dan at:

For prints, postcards and Giclees of Nathan’s Inspirational and Historical Art, please go to  or you can call: 1(800) 487-4278  You can also just click on the Home page menu tab that says “Inspirational Art”

For archival prints of Nathan’s Nature and Western watercolors or of Illustrations from the archives, please contact Nathan and Patty Greene at 1(269) 461-6347 or send an e-mail to: or

Thank you for visiting our site !

Nathan and Patty Greene


1 thought on “Representation”

  1. Keith Kerbs said:

    Nice website Nathan! My boys & I took a look at it and we approve! It’s nice to have the personal touch – with family & other family even. There were a few pictures I haven’t seen before – or at least in a while. It is nice to be able to see the variety of artwork you’ve done.

    What about duck paintings? Have you done many?


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