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The Frames for the paintings of Abraham Lincoln needed to have the look of the mid 19th century and needed a classical American, “Presidential” look about them. I inlisted the help of Bron Janulis from South Bend Indiana. Bron is a very fine craftsman, Frame maker and Artist as well. He agreed to design and construct two “Victorian Excess” frames complete with fluting, laurel berries, ribbons, beeding, and closed corner leaf compo moldings. He did a spectacular job! In fact the two final original paintings have the best framing presentations of anything I have ever painted. I have included here a few snap shots of the first Lincoln painting that Bron took in his shop before shipping them on to me. If you are interested in contacting Bron I have included his contact information here below.

Bronislaus Janulis Studio
627 Leland Avenue
South Bend,  IN  46616