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For many years I have dreamed and planned to build an art studio some day. In 2002 the dream finally became a reality when we broke ground for a new studio on 13 acres of land in the Rural Michigan countryside; complete with woods, pond, and Apple orchards. After 14 years of working in my basement with 6’10” ceilings and not enough room, the time had finally come. During the construction  my children and I would often drive over to the worksite to see how things were coming along. The builder was Craig Moore of E.C. Moore Construction. Craig did a fantastic job! Also Stanley Bell of Stanley Bell Architecture, based in Berrien Springs, Michigan, helped transform my rough sketches into finely engineered plans. I also want to thank Tom and Vi Zaparra as well as Dan Houghton for their support and encouragement.The slide show below is of the Studio’s construction. It was completed in 2003. My first painting in the new studio was; “At Jesus’ Feet”, the painting of Mary and Martha with Jesus that can be seen in the “Historical” section under “Biblical” I enjoy every day coming to work here. I thought you might enjoy seeing how it began. Click on the first thumbnail image  to get it started.